“Blackened Visions” [TRAILER #1 – drums]

Get ready for a cinematic journey into darkness!

This first preview focuses on the recording sessions for our pair of drummer, featuring both Nicolas Tarridec and Olivier T’Servrancx, the later now being permanently replaced by Virgile Chaize (ex-MÖRSE) since he had to relocate to USA.

The album is set for a January 15th, 2016 worldwide release as 500 copies limited edition DigiSLeeve CD first press and digital while 100 copies collector edition clear 12″ LP and 400 copies limited edition 12″ LP versions will be released on February 15th, 2016. Preorders for all versions, along with a new merch. line, will be unleashed on December 14th, 2015 at the Kaotoxin Shop.

An exclusive advance listening session will also take place at the second annual Kaotoxin Fest on December 6th at l’Aéronef in Lille, France.

Debut full-length details

We are proud and excited to announce that after eight years, a series of EP’s (among which a split with WE ALL DIE (laughing)) and countless tours and gigs, we will unleash through Kaotoxin records our debut full-length this winter at last!

Recorded at the Electrik Box studio (INSAIN, SEKTEMTUM, WITCHES…) by Olivier T’Servrancx, the band’s ex-drummer, and mastered by GORGUTS / KRALLICE’s own Colin Marston (ATHEIST, ORIGIN, LITURGY…) and featuring guest appearances by the likes of Colin Marston, Alexandre Colin-Tocquaine (AGRESSOR, ex-LOUDBLAST, ex-BLOODTHORN…) and more, the album, titled “Blackened Visions” will be released on January 15th, 2016 as a limited edition deluxe DigiSleeve CD first print and digital with preorders starting on December 14th, 2015 at the Kaotoxin Shop.

Both a 100 copies collector edition clear 12″ LP and 400 copies limited edition 12″ LPs will also be available for preorders for a tentative release date set to late March / early April 2016.


THE-LUMBERJACK-FEEDBACK_2016_Blackened-Visions (LP)

New Line-up

We are  announcing the departure of one of our two drummers (and producer too), Olivier T’Servrancx (who’s playing on the album), who’s forced to move to the USA to push his music production carreer to the next step, his premanent replacement being ex-MÖRSE drummer Virgil Chaize. We wish all the best for years to come to both !


“AUSSTELLUNG” split CD out NOW !!

Our split CD with We All Die (Laughing) is now available on Kaotoxin shop.

ONLY 63 LEFT !!!!! NO REPRESS !!!!

( As a Kaotoxin Kollektor Series release, it’s extremely limited (100 copies), comes as a deluxe “Vinyl Replica” CD, hand-numbered, autographed and featuring large exclusive stickers by both bands. )

Our birthday party ? Show with RED FANG !!!

As The Lumberjack Feedback has played his first show on April 2008, we’ll have a nice birthday party, playing with RED FANG on April 23th at Le Grand Mix (Tourcoing – FR).

The show will be really soon SOLD OUT !

More info HERE.


Here is a fresh live report rom our show with PHILM in Paris.

Thanks to Dead Pig Booking, Glazart crew & PHILM for this really cool evening & The Unhained for this report !


“AUSSTELLUNG” split w/ We All Die (Laughing) & “GRANDE PLAGE” exhibition

Initially planned for January 2015, the “Grande Plage” contemporary art exhibition by French photographer Mathieu Drouet (Neurosis…) is finally here!

From April 3rd to May 9th at the Aéronef in Lille, France (Facebook event here), you’ll be able to see the result of Mathieu’s collaborative work with 22 different bands and artists with the exhibition of 22 individual 12″ LP featuring one of Mathieu’s picture as front cover artwork, a track by one of the bands / artists on side A and the automatic audio processing of the artwork’s digital data rendered as an audio track on side B. Each 12″ LP is available for preorder as a 20 copies limited edition here.

Both Kaotoxin artists THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK and WE ALL DIE (laughing) are part of the exhibition with one LP each for which they both contributed an exclusive track. Their contribution can be streamed below as the “Ausstellung” split which has been crowdfunded in late 2014 as part of the Kaotoxin Kollektor Series and will be released as a 100 autographed copies collector edition deluxe “vinyl replica” CD on April 6th and available in advance at the exhibition on April 3rd. The “Ausstellung” collector CDs are currently available for preorder here.

“Blackened Visions” Mastering by Colin Martson

BLACKENED VISIONS” , our first full length, entered today his final production step, by reaching Colin Marston ‘s Thousand Caves Recording Studio, located in Woodhaven, Queens , New York for the MASTERING process.
We’re all excited & proud that such a talented musician (Goreguts , Krallice, Behold! The Arctopus & Dysrhythmia) & producer (Genghis Tron, Jarboe, Pyramids, Liturgy,…) is working on our upcoming full length, finalizing the dark & blackened production that we’ve worked on for so many months.
Next step (on the way ) : ARTWORK

Here is a quick studio tour with Colin in his studio :


The Lumberjack Feedback played last week for regional selections of the famous french festival “Les Printemps de Bourges“.

You can find HERE some pictures from this show, by Lez Project, on the amazing stage of Le Métaphone (FR)

French TV channel France 3 also featured a small video and interview at 06:08

LIVE REPORT from Nantes Show

Here is a live video from our show at La Scène Michelet in Nantes (Fr) By Intothewild Hardcoremotion

& a live report by More Fuzz :


“Another French band coming from the north of the country. I don’t think Lille is known for its wood production, but I can assure you these guys are real lumberjacks who know how to throw a colossal doom right into your face, and it’s not some little sticks, it’s MASSIVE LOGS that just crushes your whole head !

But wait ! You don’t even know why it’s so huge… There are 2 drums on stage !!! Yes guys, you heard me right 2 fuckin’ drums blasting amazing drum fills like an avalanche of logs on your head 🙂 This was the first time I saw something like that, and of course this unusual setting was well welcomed by the crowd, headbanging in unison \m/.

The whole atmosphere the band produces is also worth mentioning. Like you see on the picture some pure white neon lights were on the front of the 2 bass drums, 2 others were just behind the huge amps of the 2 guitarists, making the whole thing very holistic ! Of course the sound fitted perfectly with this atmosphere : The Lumberjack Feedback crafted majestic doom songs often made of very atmospheric and calmer introductions to put you into the mood, and then slowly smashes your head with heavy as fuck riffs that are repeated endlessly..!

But what I can reproach to the Doom genre in general are those very slow repetition of the exact same note, it kinda bores me when it’s too long… But that’s not the case with The Lumberjack Feedback thanks to the 2 drummers ! Imagine this : being able to hear 2 different drum fills but at the same time, yeah it’s 4 arms and 4 legs playing together to produce a sublime sound, it really blew my mind and I was not bored at all, but rather headbanging slowly while watching those 5 lumberjacks doing their duty !

Yup The Lumberjack Feedback was clearly my favorite band this night.”