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December 16, 2014


NOISE IN THE CHURCH – live digital EP

  • Salvation (live)
  • Dreamcatcher (live)
  • Mein Gebush Hat Hünger (bonus)

When they got offered to record two live music videos by their hometown of Lille (France) talent development structure l’Aéronef and asked where they would like to record them, THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK obviously choose a deconsecrated church nearby to benefit from all the natural reverberation of the building and because, what better place to play some damn Doom of the heaviest kind ?

“Noise in the Church” is the result of this very unique experiment: a free digital EP and two music videos for the same songs: “The Dreamcatcher” (taken from “Hand of Glory“) and “Salvation” (from their upcoming debut full-length “Blackened Vision”): a missing link between their debut EP and their debut full-length the band choose to release right on time for Christmas and right on time to celebrate the successful crowdfunding of their “Ausstellung” collector split EP with WE ALL DIE (laughing).

Current line-up:

  • Simon Herbaut – guitars
  • Arnaud Silvert – guitars
  • Sebastien Tarridec – bass
  • Nicolas Tarridec – drums
  • Olive T’Servrancx – drums

“Mein Gebush Hat Hünger” line-up :

  • Simon Herbaut – guitars
  • Christophe Ramin – guitars
  • Nicolas Herwegh – guitars
  • Julien Kamani – bass
  • Nicolas Tarridec – drums

All music by The Lumberjack Feedback
Recorded by The Lumberjack Feedback
Mixed and mastered by R3myboy
Videos directed by Attic Addict

Executive producer: Nicolas Williart for Kaotoxin records
All material reproduced with kind permission of Kaotoxin publishing