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January 15, 2016



  • No Cure (for the fools)
  • Blackened Visions
  • IMereMortal
  • Salvation
  • Dra Til Helvete
  • Mah Song (horses of god)

When most of today’s “Doom” bands are just poorly sounding copies of copies of copies, most probably because sounding shit seems like the only way to sound “old-school” nowadays, the gear fanatics and production fetishists THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK stand out with taking the complete opposite way with a cristal clear recording thanks to the Electrik Box studio (SEKTEMTUM, INSAIN…) and mastering wizardry courtesy of none other than Colin Marston (GORGUTS, KRALLICE…) and a utterly progressive and forward-thinking cinematic songwriting crushing the genre’s boundaries with their two drummers -which are both definitely bringing their own playing style rather than playing the same thing together- and the incorporation of Post Rock, Sludge Metal, Doom Metal, or Stoner Rock elements to the formula.

Current line-up:

  • Simon Herbaut – guitars
  • Arnaud Silvert – guitars
  • Sebastien Tarridec – bass
  • Nicolas Tarridec – drums
  • Virgil Chaize – drums

on this record :

  • Olivier T'Servrancx – drums
  • Alex Colin-Tocquaine – additional guitar
  • Ben Savary – additional guitar
  • Christophe Ramin – additional guitar
  • Colin Marston – analogic noises
recording by Olivier T'Servrancx , Mathias Sawicz & The Lumberjack Feedback
mixed by Olivier T'Servrancx
mastering by Colin Marston

Executive producer: Nicolas Williart for Kaotoxin records
All material reproduced with kind permission of Kaotoxin publishing