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November 25, 2014



  • I, Mere Mortal - by The Lumberjack Feedback
  • Variation on the Scanning of Thoughts - by We All Die (laughing)

  • Strictly limited to 100 hand-numbered copies with NO future reprint,
  • Coming as deluxe “vinyl replica” CD (high-quality spined cardboard sleeves with printed inner-sleeves),
  • Including exclusive audio material never physically released before and, if available, video material as a CD-ROM track,
  • Autographed by all of the involved artists,
  • Including large exclusive (12x12cms) stickers of all involved artists,
  • Including a special thanklist with all involved crowdfunders’ names.

The first release of the series is “Ausstellung”, a split CD EP by THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK and WE ALL DIE (laughing) featuring a brand new and exclusive track by The Lumberjack Feedback, “I, Mere Mortal”, and the instrumental Dark Jazz variation on the “Thoughtscanning” debut full-length main theme, “Variation on the Scanning of Thoughts”, by We All Die (laughing) previously only available as the “Tentoonstelling” digital single.

Current line-up:

  • Simon Herbaut – guitars
  • Arnaud Silvert – guitars
  • Sebastien Tarridec – bass
  • Nicolas Tarridec – drums
  • Olive T’Servrancx – drums

Executive producer: Nicolas Williart for Kaotoxin records
All material reproduced with kind permission of Kaotoxin publishing