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July 02, 2013



  • A Whisper to the Thunder
  • The Dreamcatcher

"Loud and Low" is the motto for a band playing with two drummers that anchor a sound rife with dynamics and contrast, while the EP as a whole works as a hypnotizing, mesmerizing soundtrack to the apocalypse. Walls crumble, the Earth cracks and the gates of Hell are thrown wide open; never has an earthquake sounded so magnificent. Deep droning bass and primitive twin-percussion bring the rumble, as a roaring low-end thunder, spiked with dark melodies from the guitar tandem produce images of silver surfers riding the crest of a tsunami. This is devastation in all its beauty. Produced by (who else?) BILLY ANDERSON, the first 1,000 copies of Hand of Glory come as a limited edition, hand numbered deluxe digifile

Current line-up:

  • Simon Herbaut – guitars
  • Arnaud Silvert – guitars
  • Sebastien Tarridec – bass
  • Nicolas Tarridec – drums
  • Christophe Poirier – drums

recording by Olivier T'Servrancx & The Lumberjack Feedback
mixed by Olivier T'Servrancx
mastering by Billy Anderson

Executive producer: Nicolas Williart for Kaotoxin records
All material reproduced with kind permission of Kaotoxin publishing