Here is our new drums video playthrough from “Kill! Kill! Kill! Die! Die! Die!”

Thanks to our sponsors Ludwig Drums, Meinl Cymbals, Cympad International, Euroguitar & Sonitus Acoustics.

“Reveяsed Moon” Double Hopping IPA

🍻 Double drums = Double dry hopping IPA 🍻

We’re more than happy to unveil you our own double hopping IPA beer, specially brewed for the release of “Mere Mortals”.

We’ve teamed up with Moulins d’Ascq local brewery and Le Bistrot de St So to elaborate this unique & refreshing organic IPA beer.

“REVEЯSED MOON” will be available at our Release party on April 19th.

Thanks to Benoît & Alban from Moulins d’Ascq & Olivier from Le Bistro de Saint-So to make our crazy dream come true !

“Kill! Kill! Kill! Die! Die! Die!” NEW TRACK

We’re proud to unveil the second track from our upcoming LP “Mere Mortals” : “KILL! KILL! KILL! DIE! DIE! DIE!”.
A 04:30 frantic assault that combines our massive rhythm section with punishing and filthy guitar riffs, in nothing than the shortest song even released by the band.

“Therapy?” NEW TRACK

“Therapy” is an enormous bone-breaker and head-mover, but also an engine for the generation of ominous and harrowing atmospherics” NO CLEAN SINGING

We’re proud to unveil you the first song from our upcoming album “Mere Mortals”

“Mere Mortals” is available on CD, LP, Tape, & special packs for preorder on our shop

To be released on april 26th

New Endorsment : Sonitus Acoustics

New Endorsment : Sonitus Acoustics - Kicker 2

Nicolas & Virgile are now sponsored by Sonitus Acoustics / Sonitus Acoustics Kicker and they’re using the Kicker 2.0.
Expect some punchy bass drum sound if you come see us play live.

Big thanks to IMS Distribution french official Kicker reseller !

NEW TRACK on February 1st


We’re proud to unveil you the artwork of “Mere Mortals”, our upcoming album, to be released worldwide on APRIL 26th by Deadlight​ Entertainment on CD, LP & digital.

Artwork from “Mere Mortals” is signed by photographer and graphic artist Samantha Muljat​, well knowned for her work for bands like Earth​, Grave Pleasures​, Goatsnake​ & many more.

Stay alert, first song will be unveiled on February 1st !!


We’re proud to be part of the 2019 BETIZ FEST, where we’ll share the stage with the once of Paradise Lost, Hangman’s Chair, Sick of it All & Rise of the Northstar.


After promoting « Blackened Visions » on stage across Europe, it was time for us to take it to another level. After a long and necessery creative period, a guitarist turnover and the recording process in our own studio, we are proud to inform you that we’ll be joining DEADLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT label roster for the release of our upcoming second full-length « MERE MORTALS ».
We are really excited to release this new record, logical sequel from our previous release. For this new album, we’ve explored new horizons and pushed our limits further.

Created in 2008, Deadlight Entertainment is an independant record label based in France, willing to release quality albums.
Since then and with more than 50 releases, they have covered a lot of different artists (from France, USA, Sweden, Brazil etc.) and styles of metal and even rock like Fiend, Sofy Major, Nesseria, Cowards and many more.”


A decade from now, we created our own weirdo open tuning and discovered at the same time that no « standard » strings set was adapted to our needs.

The quest is now over !

We are really proud to announce that Geoffrey and Simon join the Cleartone team with custom strings sets specially developped for The Lumberjack Feedback.

A huge thank you to Cleartone for their trust and support!