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LIVE REPORT from Nantes Show

Here is a live video from our show at La Scène Michelet in Nantes (Fr) By Intothewild Hardcoremotion

& a live report by More Fuzz :


« Another French band coming from the north of the country. I don’t think Lille is known for its wood production, but I can assure you these guys are real lumberjacks who know how to throw a colossal doom right into your face, and it’s not some little sticks, it’s MASSIVE LOGS that just crushes your whole head !

But wait ! You don’t even know why it’s so huge… There are 2 drums on stage !!! Yes guys, you heard me right 2 fuckin’ drums blasting amazing drum fills like an avalanche of logs on your head 🙂 This was the first time I saw something like that, and of course this unusual setting was well welcomed by the crowd, headbanging in unison \m/.

The whole atmosphere the band produces is also worth mentioning. Like you see on the picture some pure white neon lights were on the front of the 2 bass drums, 2 others were just behind the huge amps of the 2 guitarists, making the whole thing very holistic ! Of course the sound fitted perfectly with this atmosphere : The Lumberjack Feedback crafted majestic doom songs often made of very atmospheric and calmer introductions to put you into the mood, and then slowly smashes your head with heavy as fuck riffs that are repeated endlessly..!

But what I can reproach to the Doom genre in general are those very slow repetition of the exact same note, it kinda bores me when it’s too long… But that’s not the case with The Lumberjack Feedback thanks to the 2 drummers ! Imagine this : being able to hear 2 different drum fills but at the same time, yeah it’s 4 arms and 4 legs playing together to produce a sublime sound, it really blew my mind and I was not bored at all, but rather headbanging slowly while watching those 5 lumberjacks doing their duty !

Yup The Lumberjack Feedback was clearly my favorite band this night. »

Opening for PHILM (feat Dave Lombardo) in Paris !

We’re very happy to announce that we will open for PHILM in PARIS on March 8th, featuring master Dave Lombardo behind the drums !!!!!

Next shows :

February 4th : Nantes (FR) at La Scène Michelet (with Mantar)
February 7th : Oignies (FR) at Le Métaphone (Auditions réginales des Printemps de Bourges)

March 8th : Paris (FR) at GLAZART (with Philm)
March 9th : Lille (FR) at L’Aéronef Spectacles Sans Gravité (with Weedeater)
March 27th : Millam (FR) (with A Failing Devotion)

May 15th : Roubaix (FR) at Bar Live (with Missiles of October)

The Lumberjack Feedback