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avril 2019


Thanks to all of you that came to the « Mere Mortals » release party on Friday, it was a blast !!
Crowded venue, awesome shows from our friends from Barque & Fiend, our refreshing beer, our team, all was perfect !

Hope you’ve enjoyed the new tracks !

« Reveяsed Moon » Double Hopping IPA

🍻 Double drums = Double dry hopping IPA 🍻

We’re more than happy to unveil you our own double hopping IPA beer, specially brewed for the release of « Mere Mortals ».

We’ve teamed up with Moulins d’Ascq local brewery and Le Bistrot de St So to elaborate this unique & refreshing organic IPA beer.

« REVEЯSED MOON » will be available at our Release party on April 19th.

Thanks to Benoît & Alban from Moulins d’Ascq & Olivier from Le Bistro de Saint-So to make our crazy dream come true !

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