After promoting « Blackened Visions » on stage across Europe, it was time for us to take it to another level. After a long and necessery creative period, a guitarist turnover and the recording process in our own studio, we are proud to inform you that we’ll be joining DEADLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT label roster for the release of our upcoming second full-length « MERE MORTALS ».
We are really excited to release this new record, logical sequel from our previous release. For this new album, we’ve explored new horizons and pushed our limits further.

Created in 2008, Deadlight Entertainment is an independant record label based in France, willing to release quality albums.
Since then and with more than 50 releases, they have covered a lot of different artists (from France, USA, Sweden, Brazil etc.) and styles of metal and even rock like Fiend, Sofy Major, Nesseria, Cowards and many more. »