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janvier 2015

Opening for PHILM (feat Dave Lombardo) in Paris !

We’re very happy to announce that we will open for PHILM in PARIS on March 8th, featuring master Dave Lombardo behind the drums !!!!!

Next shows :

February 4th : Nantes (FR) at La Scène Michelet (with Mantar)
February 7th : Oignies (FR) at Le Métaphone (Auditions réginales des Printemps de Bourges)

March 8th : Paris (FR) at GLAZART (with Philm)
March 9th : Lille (FR) at L’Aéronef Spectacles Sans Gravité (with Weedeater)
March 27th : Millam (FR) (with A Failing Devotion)

May 15th : Roubaix (FR) at Bar Live (with Missiles of October)

« Salvation » track on « Headbanger Zone 75 » Radio Show !!

HEADBANGER ZONE 75 The radio METAL show from France.
You can listen it on Radio DISTORSION 96 FM or available by this link https://mega.co.nz/…

Hard,Heavy,Death,Thrash,Black,Grind,Folk and all kinds of METAL just for you.
Support the Underground Metal Headbangers !!!!

-U.F.O Doctor Doctor (Strangers in the night 1979)
-VISCERAL HATRED Excrement filled paedogoretopsy (Posthumous of the extirpated cadavers 2014)
-S.O.D Speak English or Die (Speak English or Die 1985)
-DUST BOLT Toxic attack (Violent demolition 2012)
-THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK Salvation (Noise in the church EP 2014)
-NERVOSA Death (Victim of yourself 2014)
-NECROCADAVERIC VOMIT Tortured & impaled (Necrocadaveric Vomit 2014)
-BLOODHOUND GANG Kiss me where it smells funny (One fierce beer coaster 1996)
-ANGEL WITCH Angel Witch (Angel Witch 1980)
-GRAVEBANE The body never sleep (Mortify the grave EP 2015)
-TREPALIUM Sick Boogie murder (Alchemik clockwork of disorder 2006)
-FLAYED Machine fun (Symphony for the flayed 2014)
-ANACRYPTIC Systematically abducted (Of infamy and pride EP 2014)
-DR LIVING DEAD I need Thrash (Not you) (Thrashing the law Démo 2008)
-EVISORAX Locust breeders / End user (Director cut) (Goodbye to the feast…Welcome to the famine 2015)
-THE TOY DOLLS Florence is deaf (A far out disc 1985)
-ENDOR Judgement day (The angriest angel 2000)
-WORHS Les yeux ouverts (Le temps des blasphemes 2014)

The Lumberjack Feedback