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novembre 2014

THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK / WE ALL DIE (laughing) « Ausstellung » Crowdfunding for THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK / WE ALL DIE (laughing) “Ausstellung” collector EP launched

The crowdfunding campaign for the first release of the Kaotoxin Kollektor Series, the “Ausstellung” split EP by two-drummers instrumental Doom mammoths THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK and Dark Metal masters WE ALL DIE (laughing) has just been launched at IndieGogo here.

Kaotoxin Kollektor Series

The Kollektor Series is a brand new line of crowdfunded releases that’s gonna bring you exclusive material, previously available as digital downloads or completely unreleased, as deluxe and ultra-limited editions of 100 copies each on high-quality “vinyl replica” CDs (a cardboard inner-sleeve into a 3mm spined cardboard outer sleeve – all on 300g cardboard, with glossy or matt lamination for the connoisseurs).

Each release of the series will be autographed by all involved artists, will feature a special thank list with all of the funders’ names and large stickers (12x12cms) of each band involved and all will be released one after the other with no specific release schedule but next iterations by the likes of PUTRID OFFALINFECTED SOCIETYVxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxCMISERABLE FAILUREC.O.A.GEYE OF SOLITUDE and more are already planned.

The “Ausstellung” campaign

The IndieGoGo campaign for this first release’s goal to reach is set to € 666.00 with a deadline of January 22nd, 2014 for a release date set to mid-March 2015 (so the artists which are located in various European countries can autograph the 100 copies). Counterparts include:

  1. The funder’s name in the thank list (€ 5.00),
  2. The “Ausstellung” EP and the funder’s name in the thank list (€ 20.00)
  3. A “Ausstellung” + “Hand of Glory” (debut The Lumberjack Feedback’s EP) pack and the funder’s name in the thank list (€ 25.00)
  4. A “Ausstellung” + “Thoughtscanning” (debut We All Die (laughing) full-length) pack and the funder’s name in the thank list (€ 30.00)
  5. A “Ausstellung” + “Hand of Glory” + “Thoughtscanning” pack and the funder’s name in the thank list (€ 35.00)

All counterparts’ prices include express delivery worldwide (except for option #1 which doesn’t include any item).

The “Ausstellung” EP

Both bands having contributed a song upon request for a contemporary art exhibition by Mathieu Drouet (a French photographer already responsible for official pictures for the likes of Neurosis, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION and more…), both of them playing a very dark brand of Metal, each in its very own style, and both having chosen to create an instrumental piece, it was more than obvious that these two tracks should be released together as a split EP.

The EP’s available for streaming right now (it’ll be released digitally when the physical version will be launched) at this location and below.

Track listing

  1. I, Mere Mortal by The Lumberjack Feedback
  2. Variation on the Scanning of Thoughts by We All Die (laughing)
The Lumberjack Feedback